Snadder & Snaskum AS
Snadder & Snaskum AS has been a leader in the Norwegian shellfish industry since 1980, and is the country's oldest mussel producer. Our organic mussels are grown locally and packed at our factory here in Rissa in Sør-Trøndelag. Founder, enthusiast and Snadder King Magne Hoem has lead us every step of the way. Snadder & Snaskum delivers fresh mussels year-round.
Quality – Every Day of the Year
Our mussels have been awarded the title "Norway's Best". Size, appearance, nutritional value and, of course, their delicious taste have put our shellfish in a class for themselves. Explore our webpages to learn why our mussels are preferred by restaurants, hotels and catering services in Norway. For tips on making a healthy, tasty mussel dish yourself, see our " Recipes" page or use our convenient QR-code on your mussel packaging.
“Eat Safely – and Enjoy”
Mussels have many health benefits and are produced in a sustainable way. All our shellfish rigorously adhere to the requirements set forth by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. We deliver fresh mussels all year long. For more information, see "Food Safety". Snadder & Snaskum is the only Norwegian producer that delivers both bottom-cultured and rope-cultured mussels. These two farming methods each produce their own special characteristics. Our mussels are organic and are certified by "Friend of the Sea".