The key to mussel farming is to place the colony in areas of the ocean with optimal conditions. Both current sea current and shellfish nutrition are important. Mussels live on microscopic algae and plants that are filtered from the seawater flowing past.

Storage and Inspection
Our mussels are inspected for all forms of contamination, and we adhere to stringent demands about the quality of our shellfish. The Norwegian control of algal toxins is one of the strictest in Europe. If tests of our shellfish show even the smallest trace of algal toxins, delivery is immediately halted. After our mussels arrive at the packing facilities, they are placed in seawater pumped up from 100m depths. This water is clean and salty. It circulates constantly and maintains a stable low temperature.
 Our mussels filter this water and rid themselves of all bacteria so they are ready for consumption. Finally, the shellfish are packed into nets and placed in crates of ice before being driven in refrigerated trucks to the market. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has rigorous guidelines for the entire process, from the time the shellfish are harvested until they are finished being packed.

Shelf Life
Norwegian authorities do not require expiration dates for live seafood. As a general rule, we mark our mussels with a 10-day shelf life. As long as they smell good, however, they are ready to eat!

Mussels - an Eco-friendly Product
Mussels from Snadder & Snaskum are organic shellfish and bear the Debio mark. This means that we meet all the requirements for environmentally-friendly food production. In addition, we are certified by "Friend of the Sea" which has strict demands about sustainable food production. To be considered sustainable, the process of growing and harvesting mussels must not come at the cost of the destruction of the natural environment, and we must maintain these resources for future generations. We do not feed our mussels; Mother Nature takes care of that. Mussels, therefore, are one of the most eco-friendly food products. Since mussels are also nutritious, tasty and cheap, they can be enjoyed often with a good conscience.

Eat safely - and Enjoy!