Mussels Packed in Mesh Net Bags
We pack our fresh, live, organic mussels in mesh netting. Each net holds 1 kg of mussels. These are then distributed in styrofoam fishing boxes with either 5 or 10 kgs of mussels in each box. When sending by plane, or for those customers who want leak-proof packaging, we ship 12 kgs of mussels in styrofoam airplane crates. A label with information about storage, distribution, expiration date and preparation is attached to each net. In addition, each label is marked with a QR-code that will take you to our website where you will find helpful information about preparing mussels and some of our favorite recipes. To ensure that our mussels do not lose their famous characteristics, we carefully pack ice around the nets before sending them onward. Snadder & Snaskum always, without exception, packs shellfish on the same day they are shipped the customer. This ensures the longest possible shelf life.

Seaweed for Decorating the Fish Counter
We are happy to include seaweed for decorating your supermarket fish counter upon request.

 Mussels in leak-proof, airplane-approved Snadderboxes!
We are now able to deliver our mussels packed in eco-friendly, leak-proof corrugated cardboard boxes. This means that our mussels can be transported and stored with other refrigerated wares without concerns about leakage. By packing 6 or 7 kilograms in each box, we are able to offer reduced shipping costs. After use, our Snadderboxes can be recycled as normal cardboard. Those who still wish to use styrofoam boxes can, of course, continue to receive Snadder shells in the exact same way. The environmentally-friendly Snadderbox has Snadder's famous logo printed on all four sides. It is also marked with the Drypack Air logo that ensures quick transport through the airline's logistics system. This logo also guarantees that the boxes are leak-proof. The Snadderbox's practical size is easy to handle, improving the working environment for both our employees and our customers.

Leak-proof distribution + environmentally-friendly packaging + reduced shipping cost + easy and more flexible handling = Snadderbox